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From Global Finance Leadership to Local Legacy Building.

Ronnie Dyne’s career traversed the landscapes of finance and real estate in South Africa, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom before establishing Stonebridge in Australia. Initially serving as the CFO of an international family group, Ronnie’s role evolved with the changing dynamics of business, leading to the formation of Stonebridge Family Office in 2000.

Today, Stonebridge is a trusted partner managing the financial destinies of six families, collectively overseeing assets surpassing AUD 1 billion. In 2021, Saul Dyne joined our ranks, bringing with him six years of experience in auditing and accounting. As a member of Chartered Accountants Australia, Saul spearheads the implementation of cutting-edge technology platforms, ensuring the seamless operation of our services.

Partnering with the world’s best technology.

At Stonebridge Family Office, we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the unique needs of high net-worth families.

Family Office Management

Discover the strategic edge of our Outsourced CFO Services, offering comprehensive financial management solutions tailored to your needs.

Wealth Management and Reporting

Utilizing the Masttro wealth management platform, you gain access to a consolidated view of all your financial and non-financial business and personal assets in real time. This enhanced visibility into your total portfolio, performance, and risk exposures empowers families to make informed, data-driven decisions on the fly.

Management of Complex Ownership Structures

Recognizing the unique nature of every family, Masttro's platform accurately represents all legal entities, accounts, and individual investments, whether directly, indirectly, or partially owned. This capability proves invaluable in saving time, money, and labour associated with assessing any part or the entirety of a client’s portfolio.

Accounting and Administration

Our automated services cover essential aspects such as bookkeeping, account reconciliations, tax compliance, bill pay, and back-office tasks. This automation allows you to concentrate on the crucial task of preserving and growing your family’s wealth.

Document Organisation and Management

Streamline your document organisation with our digital vault, where various documents can be organised and managed efficiently. Flexible permissions, down to the individual asset level, ensure control over access, providing security and confidentiality for your important documents.

Outsourced CFO

Discover the strategic edge of our Outsourced CFO Services, offering comprehensive financial management solutions tailored to your needs.


Cash Flow Management and Forecasting

Expert oversight and strategic planning to optimise cash flow and provide accurate financial projections.

Retirement Planning

Comprehensive planning to secure a stable and comfortable retirement for family members.

Management of Asset Purchases

Strategic guidance in the acquisition and management of assets to align with family goals.

Negotiating Bank Loans

Skillful negotiation and management of banking relationships for optimal financial arrangements.

Due Diligence, KYC, and Governance

Thorough due diligence, KYC (Know Your Customer), and governance services to ensure compliance and risk mitigation.

Litigation Management

Expert assistance in managing legal proceedings and navigating complex litigation issues.

Assistance with Restructure of Family Trusts and Companies

Strategic support in the restructuring of family trusts and companies for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

Manage Philanthropy

Strategic guidance in managing philanthropic endeavours, aligning giving with family values and goals.

Management of Tax Compliance and Audits

Proactive management of tax compliance, including expert guidance during audits to ensure adherence to regulations.
About Stonebridge

Stonebridge is a multi-family office servicing the needs of high net wealth families. Family offices provide a total solution for managing the financial needs of affluent families. We provide a broad spectrum of services across multiple generations of families.

Stonebridge Family Office, navigating your Family’s financial wellbeing.

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